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« Translation transforms everything so that nothing changes » - Günter Grass

Translating a text is more than just translating words. It is also a question of the meaning and resonance of the message to be conveyed.
This notion is essential in the handling of language in translation, when the translator is confronted with specific constraints obliging him/her to find the right formulation.
Because an approximate translation alters the message, because the best ideas do not stand up to clumsy transcription, because working on the text takes time...
For all these reasons, hiring the services of a specialist is crucial.

We are two experienced translators who combine creativity and responsiveness. Our preferred fields are communication, marketing, but also design, art, legal and journalistic fields.
We are committed to putting our skills at your service to convey your message in another language by providing you with quality work that respects your meaning and terminology.

Our strength//asset ? Our experience, enthusiasm and passion for languages and communication.
Our ambition ? To offer you quality texts and to establish a close and long-lasting relationship as a competent partner.

Are you looking for experienced and professional translator or interpretor ? Get in touch with us and tell us about your project !

At ATIDMA, we offer :

Translations from German and English to French

Translations from French to German

Certified translations German <> French

Certified interpreting German <> French

The importance of words

The IKEA case

The Swedish furniture giant, narrowly avoided an odd one thanks to the sharp eye of a linguist.

A range of glasses had been named "svalka", which means "refreshing" in Swedish, but ... ... "waste disposal site" in Russian. The group’s Moscow team solved the question by elucidating the final "a".

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